Twilight Zone Tuesday


Hello and welcome to my new series, Twilight Zone Tuesday. I recently was able to watch the entire series, thanks to Netflix (and an awesome Youtuber who shall remain nameless so his videos don’t get taken down).

My first encounter with The Twilight Zone was the movie and a book I found of the original stories. At that time I didn’t even know it was a television series unil much later but I was enthralled with the stories. Their twists, which by now have become par for the course, were some of the first I’d ever read.

Starting next Tuesday I’ll be going through them, one episode each week. I have fallen in love with the series. There are some that are great, some that are funny and some that are heart-breaking.

I can’t honestly say I know the whole history of the show but from tidbits I’ve read it sounds like Rod Serling got a pretty raw deal from CBS. Once they wised up to what he was really saying under the guise of fantasy and sci-fi they pulled the plug. Or, more correctly, buried it in it’s own Twilight Zone of program hours and other odd studio meddlings.

Some of the themes underneath (and mostly on top, The Twilight Zone wasn’t exactly subtle) weren’t exactly popular on TV at the time. Mass hysteria, Racism, Studio Phonies, and others. I can see those subjects not being very popular with studio executives at the time. I know it’s supposedly the cigarettes that were the cause of his heart attack but it’s my  belief that TV crushed him.


Well, please pop in next Tuesday for the first episode: Where is Everybody?

And, as usual, any comments and/or suggestions are appreciated.