We were all surprised at the cancellation of PT, the playable trailer of the upcoming game Silent Hills helmed by Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and director Guillermo del Toro and starring Norman Reedus. At the time Konami assured fans that the Silent Hill franchise would not be dropped.

Since Konami announced that it was moving in a more mobile and casino gaming direction the only Silent Hill related advertisement that I have seen has been a pachinko machine.

That’s right. The beloved characters of James, Pyramid Head and Heather are now reduced to a slot machine.

I don’t pretend to know what was really behind Kojima’s departure from Konami. All I know is that their actions since have shown that they have little respect for the gaming world that made them great in the first place. Their treatment of Kojima had been nothing short of petty bullshit that would be better left in high school and not pulled by a million dollar corporation. No mentioning his name in interviews (like he’s Voldemort for fuck’s sake), no putting his name on the game cover (even though we know who Metal Gear truly belongs to) and, lowest of all, not even allowing him to accept the award for his own game. Are they truly that obtuse? In one interview a Konami rep said that they fully believe that a Metal Gear game can be forthcoming in the future. Without Kojima. Yeah, let’s see how well that works out for them. I guess nobody remembers Snake’s Revenge, the first sequel to Metal Gear.

But this post isn’t about Metal Gear. It’s about Silent Hill. I may be proven wrong but I truly see no hope for a Silent Hill title to be released in the near future, if at all. Unless it’s a mobile app. And that, honestly, would not have the same punch as a full screen game.

Let’s be honest. The series had been declining in quality for awhile now.

The first Silent Hill, even though the gameplay can be considered a little clunky now, still stands the test of time in regards to story and atmosphere. I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing an updated version with better graphics and voice-acting. But only if they polished up the original. I would not like to see a “retelling” or  “reboot” or anything like that.

Silent Hill 2 is sill widely held as one of the best survival horror games ever.

But this isn’t a game by game review. I’ll do that later in the week.

The latter entries such as Silent Hill: Homecoming, Downpour and the balls-up that was Book of Memories were not up to the standards of the early games.

With Konami focusing more on it’s mobile and casino markets I just can’t see a new, good, Silent Hill game coming out of there now. The best hope for it is that someone else will offer to buy out the title and breathe new life into it.

Here’s hoping.