Ah, finally. A nice, snowy day to relax. And, even though I hate the cold, Northern Michigan in the winter is like Narnia. It’s beautiful.

So, we’ve decided to have a M*A*S*H marathon and break out the coloring books. Yeah baby, we know how to party around here.

Since we haven’t been doing much I thought I’d just give an update on what’s going on with me. I’ll bet you’re excited!

Anyways, I’m about 25% into Ghost Story  by  Peter Straub. A great book to be reading when you’re snow-covered. Don Wanderley had just arrived in Millburn and all hell’s about to break loose. I really like the characters in the book. Well, most of them. I love Sears, love Ricky, love Peter. Lewis Benedict is just meh. His story is kind of blah. Edward you never really meet and John doesn’t last too long. I do  not  like Stella, Ricky’s wife. Frankly, I think she’s a bitch. Ricky is kind enough to overlook her infidelities and at times she throws them in his face. Classy. Also, she can stay out all night fucking whomever she pleases but because she’s not allowed into the Chowder Society meetings she won’t even leave a light on for Ricky whenever he gets home. So, no. I don’t like her.

I’m also playing  The Silence of the Sleep  on Steam. It’s an indie (I think) and very well done. The art style is beautiful, the story is creepy and fascinating. I get a real  The Shining  and Hotel California vibe from it. My only complaint so far is the walking. I don’t mind the walking, exactly, but he walks very slow. Very, very slow. Which isn’t generally too big of a deal but one of the early puzzles had you going back and forth between two rooms and the walking gets very tedious. Other than that it’s been great. I’ll give a fuller review when I’m done. Which should be sometime next year since I can only play a minute or two at a time without somebody needing me for something.

Other than that, not much is going on. I’ll get back on the ball in a few days.