With some new books of course.

I’ll have Dracula done by Monday so in the comments I’ll be posting some book titled to find out what you’d like to see me tweet my way through next. I’d do a poll but I’m still learning and that’s one of the things I have yet to learn. So the comments section it is. I’ll put up for books and whichever receives the highest votes I’ll read next. I’ll also be providing links to Goodreads for the books do you can view the synopses before voting if you’d like to.

Monday I’ll be posting the recap of X-Files: Squeeze (Season 1, Episode 3). I’m very excited to be able to get back to it.

I’m also currently playing The 7th Guest (PC, Steam) and  Pineview Drive (PC, Steam) so look for those reviews soon.

I’m very excited to be starting this and I can’t wait for next week when I’ll have a more settled posting schedule.

As always, drop me a like, a comment or a share. I’m always looking for ways to improve the blog so I’ll always be hair to hear suggestions or ideas. Thanks for reading. Be sure to come back Monday for the regular blog.