So, I’m totally STOKED (pardon the pun) to be 79% fine with Dracula. Next up on Twitter #readwithG is probably going to be Ghost Story  by  Peter Straub. But! I’d like to hear from you, dear readers, what book you guys would like to help me tweet my way through. I’m not going to hide spoilers so if you haven’t read it and dint want it spoiled then you may want to skip it. However, if you’ve read it before, plan to read it and don’t give a damn about a spoiler or two along the way then please join me!

I’m like Johnny-5 and love input so give me a hand and answer the poll I’m putting up on which book I should read next. Well, if I knew how to put up a poll I would. I’m still learning.

So, instead, I’ll open up the comments section with a list of books to choose from and you guys can tell me what you’d like to #readwithG.

The book with the highest votes wins, or if I get no comments (because I realize that I’m pretty new so not many people may be reading yet) I’ll just pick one myself.

But, that will start in a week or so. In the meantime we have a vampire to hunt down and destroy!