Hello and welcome! I’m moving from PickingOnStuff@BlogSpot.com to here. I wanted a fresh new start as at my other blog I kind of got away from what I wanted my blog to originally be. I want to do mainly horror reviews and recaps of different movies, books, games and TV Shows.

I wanted to do it now during the winter break so as to have time to switch my readers (all five of them) to here. I’m currently in the middle of recapping the book Dead Dancing Women by Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli. If there is still interest in it I’m going to continue until the end. I’ve also been recapping the X-Files and I plan on continuing that. So, if all goes well, this will be the schedule:

Monday: X-Files recap

Tuesday: Dead Dancing Women recap

Wednesday: Games reviews and thoughts and general randomness

Thursday: Dead Dancing Women recap

Sunday: Flashback Sunday! I’m recapping various YA horror from my formative teen years in the nineties (yes, I’m old) when YA horror was coming out in droves.


So. That will be my tentative plan. After Dead Dancing Women is done with the blog will be all horror themed.

I’m looking forward to getting this off the ground and meeting new readers!

Please, I look forward to comments, suggestions and any kind of constructive criticism.